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We’re A Leading Event Management Company in Cochin



Event Management in India, is a nascent industry, more so in a place like Cochin, Kerala. As an industry it’s barely over a decade old, but has matured and evolved so much in such a short time. In India, Event Management is probably the only  industry that’s always in the thick of the action, getting things done, be it Night or Day, Sunday or Monday… 24/7 around the clock, across the year… We’re game for Action!

At Ergo Consulting, we love what we do. And that’s precisely why we prefer being called an Experience Agency, as opposed to being called your conventional Event Planning and Management Company. Because, ours is an industry about crafting experiences and not just managing events!

Naturally, one would ask then… Why an Experience, not an Event?

It’s the one word that eludes our vocabulary, when we look at the events industry. The journey to creating the perfect Event, Brand activation, Meeting, Conference, Wedding and the likes all culminate in one aspect; delivering the perfect memorable ‘Experience’. A good experience is the Ultimate Takeaway…

So, Ergo Consulting is an Experience Agency?

Bravo! Why, yes of course!  Ergo is indeed an experience agency that aims to deliver an experience rich in imagination and innovation. An experience that reflects who you are, what you believe and what you want to communicate to the people in such a way that they talk about it for the years to come. And therein is the charm of being an experience agency!

What makes Ergo Consulting’s Events and Experiences so different?

Tough question! We are not different, we just have a different perspective all together. While everyone else works on how to make the event different, we think how we can create a unique experience that engages people long after the event is done. While everyone else thinks great design, we think good design that establishes brand connect. While everyone else plays the short game, we are in it for the long haul… Simply put, our ideas are parallel parked in another dimension defined Brand and Customer Relevant Experiences!