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Do we really need to hire a WEDDING PLANNER ?

Hello readers!

Weddings are a momentous event, a lifetime affair, an exchange of vows, a bonding of families, a time of great happiness and celebration. And without doubt one would agree, pulling off your dream wedding is no easy fete. Yes, one would of course counter that the support of one’s friends and family makes it easier. But, come on! You have to admit, figuring out the ins and outs, the major players, the who is, the what is and the what not’s; the time and resources spent doing the figuring will be phenomenal… One can’t but help wonder whether this time could be better spent with family and friends… Just a thought!

Planning a wedding is as stressful as it is joyful, countless confusions, myriad coordination, not to mention numerous spikes of anxiety at every turn. And planning it all, in detail, step by step is a tedious time killer. Traditionally, a weddings involve the help and support of family, extended family and family friends… But nowadays, the scene is entirely different, couples are opting for fresh ideas, interesting and novel concepts… new formats of styling a wedding. Trendy entertainment ideas, innovative designs, unique couture, varied cuisines, hi-tech decorations; these have become the vogue and nuance of today’s weddings. All this is not possible with just the little information or time one person alone has to spare. It takes a little collective knowledge and a lot of experience… The kind of knowledge at the disposal of a true Wedding Planning professional…

Wedding Planners are individuals who make it their life’s mission to understand your dreams and vision, and weave them into beautiful realities without the added stress. They play different roles… coach, advocate, accountant, organizer, negotiator, decorator, critic, artist, designer, director, producer, problem solver and the list goes on… They take on the responsibility of navigating you through the entire wedding process, answering your queries at every turn and providing all the right suggestions as and when it warrants your attention… All the while making the baby steps, that surely but definitely lead you forward to pull off your big day exactly as you wished it to be. Their expertise cover sourcing the best and most economic vendors and service providers in the industry… be it invitations, cakes, favors (giveaways), photographers, florists, entertainment bands or troupes… You can be rest assured, they do know the latest trends in wedding themes, colour choices, music, flowers and the likes…

So the real question we should be asking, if you can save time, save money, ensure quality services and see to it your dream wedding is executed just as easily… Is hiring a wedding planner such a tough decision to make? Wouldn’t it in reality, be one of the better gifts one could invest in for themselves!

– Kiran Sara Kurian

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